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28 Jan

Tired of the unending rows of souvenir shops selling tartan, nessie, haggis, bagpipes, tartan, braveheart? A couple of hundred years ago he revived interest in highland culture with some massively popular novels, and pretty much invented the image of Scotland that many visitors (and Scots too) hold. But if you find yourself in Edinburgh and it doesn’t happen to be the month of August, worry not; humour happens all year round. There’s a history tour, a literature tour, an art tour, and general tour of the building; you don’t even have to be interested in politics.

Cocktails Drinks International (“a leading magazine for the global drinks industry”, I’m told) have declared that Bramble is the 32nd best bar in the entire world this year.

Last month, an advanced-threat defense company, Cyphort, said the use of malvertising by cybercriminals has spiked 325 percent in only a year. We are currently investigating this alleged issue,” a representative for told The Register.

The one thing that every person joining an online dating site must learn is PATIENCE.

You have to be patient about meeting people and don’t be frustrated if you don’t see anyone who interests you within a week or so of opening your account.

It’s not easy because you don’t meet people you are interested in in matters of minutes or days.

It takes some time to meet someone who you are interested in and who you think might be interested in asking you out.