20 dirty questions for dating

15 Feb

Asking him dirty, flirty questions will get his mind racing with thoughts of only you. ” – Find out if he even likes talking dirty before you start asking naughty questions. ” – Find out what his fantasies are, so you can make them come true. ” – This question will get him thinking about you in a naughty way. ” – Find out where his pleasure points are to heat things really up in the bedroom. “What part of my body do you like kissing the most? ” – If he’s had phone sex and liked it, maybe he’d be open to trying it again and with you. For example, if you are on the phone with a man and having a sexy conversation, you can ask him if I was there with you, what would you do to me? It gives him permission to flirt with you and to be turned on.You can also take this a little further by asking him, If I were with you alone in the house, wearing (describe a sexy outfit that you own) how would you feel and what would you do to me?By using the right questions, each of you can explore your approach to sex, and better understand each other’s needs, sexual desires, or fantasies.

These questions are in no particular order which means you can choose from which of the questions describes your relationship or is apt for the moment.

Have you ever kissed me in public just to make someone jealous?

If you are looking for the best things to ask your boyfriend to know him better and to create a deeper connection between you two, then you have landed on the right place.

With the extra knowledge that you will have after using these questions, your sex life can only get better, you will feel more secure in your relationship, and both of you will feel a greater sense of togetherness.

Anyone in a relationship knows that communication is the key to happiness — and intimacy.