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Some photos are disturbing, some are sensational, some are beautiful, but all the photos have one thing in common…history. Kids For Sale: Times were so tough, (or the kids were too tough to handle) this Chicago mother hides her face from cameras as she puts a “4 Children For Sale” in her front yard. Some people were not so impressed with King’s civil rights beliefs. Just Clowning Around: Ronald Mc Donald, the famous hamburger chain’s colorful mascot is Introduced to the world thanks to Willard Scott, now America’s favorite weather man. The Desk Of A Genius: Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity labeled him a scientific genius one of the most influential physicists of our time.Check out the paper cup nose now replaced with a red ball. Before The White House: Dynamic Political Duo, Bill and Hillary Clinton are found playing volleyball on their college lawn in 1975. Too close for comfort but a moment in time to treasure forever as these two brave camera men photograph and record the famous MGM Lion that appears in all their movies. Iconic Bicycle: This young boy dressed in 1950’s attire captures a time in American history where Schwinn bicycles (complete with training wheels) and two car garages were the norm in many of our country’s neighborhoods. Elvis Presley, Movie Star: Elvis Presley sang his way to stardom and also acted in many movies including Harum Scarum where he romanced his beautiful co-star, Mary Ann Mobley. This is a photograph of his New Jersey desk that was taken the day he died, April 15, 1955. Lucky 700: Babe Ruth was so popular in his day, a company named a candy bar after him….that’s nuts!This rare photograph was sold at auction for nearly ,000! They would be able to tell who was Pakistani or not depending if they were circumcised. Obviously, cell phones were not invented yet so it is bizarre. This picture was taken of the Cooper family when they bought a new house. Robert Le Serrec photographed this huge, oddly shaped creature on December 12th, 1964.When they developed the photo, a hanging man appeared and no one knows who the man is or what could have happened. Serrec was boating with his wife and said the creature moved towards them, opened its mouth and then disappeared.)"The demands of bulimia," she wrote, "outshone the power of my desire for Woody.

We talked to Pacino at the Bryant Park Hotel in midtown Manhattan recently about how he prefers to act, the role that was hardest for him to kick, if we'll see him onscreen again with De Niro, and much more. COM: Simon is struggling with his identity and wants out of acting.

The old saying is true, “A picture is worth a thousand words” especially when you take a walk down memory lane. It pictures the Beetles walking the opposite direction than appears on their famous Abby Road album cover.

Long before mobile devices with their easy to use cameras were on the scene, professional photographers were on the job, thankfully taking the following rare photographs that captured moments in time and now will last a lifetime. This is just one of the famous group’s creative gimmicks to sell albums. I Have A Dream: Martin Luther King, renowned for his “I Have A Dream” speech on equality, is shown here removing a burned cross from his front yard, while is young son looks away.

By the way, when we say much younger, we mean more than half his age considering she's only 35.

Sola donned a see-through white blouse with a black bra and black skinny jeans, while her leading man opted to stay comfortable during the flight in an all-black layered greeted a group of adoring fans as he made his way outside, and even signed autographs and posed for photos with several devotees before getting his luggage.