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11 Mar

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Much of the trackage was situated east of the Mississippi River as the interurban offered flexibility and affordability for the everyday commuter.

It is rather amazing so much capital was expended on these operations, which struggled to make a profit right from the start.

From fun in the sun to epic fails we want to see and hear about it!Over the last 1.8 Ga (billion years), many seascapes and landscapes have played out in the place we call Coloradofrom deep ocean trenches to shallow tropical seas to beaches and offshore bars to vast desert dune fields to arid tidal mudflats, from lush redwood forests to volcanic moonscapes, from tropical volcanic islands to high glacier-carved inland mountains.The rocks now exposed at the surface in Colorado provide an incomplete but still fairly readable record of its physical journey through deep time.With pride in our hearts and unity on our minds, we set out to identify the very best thing in each and every of these United States. and sorry in advance for teasing you If you're a fan/Alabaman, then 'Bama's Crimson Tide isn't just a football team.We're talking about great people, legendary food, singular sporting events, and some of the most breathtaking sights the planet (no full-on cities though, that's just too easy). It's a way of life, and the tailgate culture alone is the stuff of legend.