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12 Mar

senator from Pennsylvania A political earthquake shook the nation and the world Tuesday when Donald Trump shocked all the prognosticators and won the presidency.The first thing he said: "I read your book." To which I laughed and said, "The hell you read my book." Trump shot back, "I did, it was great!Strong hands come with his job description: He's an electrician. He seemed less inhibited and more fun than the professional men I typically dated.He also seemed, well, Forget the old notion of "marrying up." As baby boomer women advance in the workplace, they are broadening their field of available suitors by pairing up with blue-collar men who seem less threatened by their success and independence.Scott provided a shot of romance in my life just when I needed one badly.We went dancing on our first date, and I loved the feel of his strong hands on my back.I'm currently slightly more than half of my major (tourism, culinary arts & business administration) and will be finishing it by 2015.Afterward, I will resume my first former major, which was psychology and finish the 2 remaining years.

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I have interest in still continuing further, traveling and improving in French.

When we walked into his office, he was sitting behind his desk holding a copy of my book Blue Collar Conservatives that I had published that spring.

Later that summer, I dropped by Trump Towers with my daughter Sarah Maria.

In the summer of 2014, Trump reached out to me to stop by his office the next time I was in Manhattan.

Senator Rick Santorum (L) listens to rival candidate Donald Trump at Trump's "Rally to Benefit Veterans" being held at the same time as the other Republican presidential candidates were holding a debate in Des Moines, Iowa January 28, 2016. Those same pundits are digging through the wreckage of their predictions to try to figure out why Trump was able to prove them wrong, but to me, the answer was on full display over two years ago during a chance meeting I had with Trump at his New York office.