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19 May

With BE MUNDUS, you can study as an exchange student at one of the 06.1 Mechanical Engineering 06.2 Electrical Engineering 06.3 Chemical Engineering 06.4 Civil Engineering 06.5 Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications 06.6 Manufacturing Sciences (CAD, CAM, CAE) 06.7 Materials Sciences 06.8 Aeronautical Engineering 06.9 Others: Engineering, Technology 05.1 Teacher Training 05.2 Primary Education 05.3 Secondary Education 05.4 Vocational and Technical Education 05.5 Adult Education 05.6 Special Education 05.7 Educational Science, Comparative Education 05.8 Educational Psychology 05.9 Others: Education and Teaching Formation At the end of the mobility period, you will return to your home university, where the credits taken abroad will be recognized as part of the study programme at your home university. 9 prestigious European Universities look forward to welcoming you on campus!Browse the academic offer section to find out more about its courses, excellence fields, services and facilities for international students.The BE MUNDUS project (with financial support granted by the European Commission through the Erasmus Mundus Programme) grants scholarships to Brazilian and European undergraduate students to study up to 10 months in some of the best universities in Europe and Brazil.Scholarships include monthly allowance, travel, insurance and tuition fees.The annual increment rate was calculated for all indicators to assess the different time points among surveys.

TARGET GROUP 1: Applicants who are currently enrolled at one of the BE MUNDUS partner universities (click here to check the full list of partner institutions).

TARGET GROUPS The Erasmus Mundus programme is open to different categories of students, defined as ‘Target Groups’.

Each of the Target Groups has different types of mobility scholarships available.

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