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20 Mar

To do the same thing with a traditional camera, you'd need a degree in electrical engineering.

Last year, I told you about five reasons photographers should love the i Phone.

The apps I mentioned back then are still great, but this week, I've rounded up five more i OS apps that I highly recommend.

One of the reasons that I ordinarily prefer a digital SLR to a camera phone is the control an SLR gives me over shutter speed and aperture.

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It now has a brand new layout with dozens of interesting and useful features.

Once you’ve shared something online or on your mobile you’ve lost control of it - it can be copied, shared and even edited!

If you send an embarrassing picture or video to a friend it could end up anywhere.

Centeno Jerry -- 25-Apr-2012 pm -- ha Sarmad Karem -- 13-Apr-2012 am -- fanistic got the point of the movie, but is horrible how they tried to get the point across.

yea its sad wut happens iun other parts of the world but we should focus on the problems we have here.