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14 Mar

"I think each individual's family's therapy has helped them get to where they need to go to all be happy and more healthy," she shared with E! And when asked about her specific » Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn's friendship is nothing short of Lol-worthy. News' Catt Sadler caught up with the co-stars while promoting their new comedy, Snatched, where the Irl besties had no problem putting each other on blast while playing "Most Likely To." Despite Hawn admitting that she often makes the fatal beauty mistake of sleeping in her makeup, Schumer gladly took the fall instead. Before Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition premieres later this month, the reality star stopped by E! In fact, Kendra was ready to talk about sex and how much her son knows about the birds and the bees. I even tell little Hank sometimes, ' Go to bed. These kids know earlier and earlier now." There's much more sex talk » E!

"Yeah, but I'm drinking more than you right now. As for which celeb laughs at their own jokes, both agreed it's Kate Hudson's mama that cracks herself up. Mom and pop are going to have sex,'" she shared with E! has added a two-hour daytime series focused on the biggest pop culture stories of the day to its live news programming lineup.

For nearly two decades Debbie Matenopoulos has consistently proven herself to be a versatile talent in the entertainment industry.

This two-time Emmy® nominee has successfully sustained her career as a compelling journalist, talk show host, and burgeoning actress.

“Divorce is never easy, I don’t care who you are or what the circumstances are.

It’s a very, very heavy feeling — and at the same time it feels like a weight has been lifted.”Sadler and Thomas split in January 2016, and Sadler, who also hosts E!

In her role as correspondent for CBS's high rated entertainment show The Insider, Matenopoulos added highlight worthy interviews to her illustrious career, including an interview with Steve Tisch, owner of the New York Giants, on the field right after the Giants won the Super Bowl, an exclusive with Donald Trump and his family, an inside look with veteran CBS newsman Barry Peterson regarding the emotional difficulties of covering tragic events such as Rwanda, Afghanistan, and the 9/11 attacks and an exclusive interview with Jenna Telackova, the first transgender Beauty Pageant contestant ever allowed to compete in Miss Universe Pageant.

In 1997, Matenopoulos was hand picked by Barbara Walters to serve as one of the five original co-hosts of her then new daytime talk show, The View, making Debbie the youngest person in daytime history to hold a permanent position on network television. Matenopoulos helped shape the show by being instrumental in building the format and reputation and by offering the younger generation's perspective, Matenopoulos helped make the program a tremendous success.

She was numb.'I had enough self-awareness to understand I had just been told something significant but hadn't yet fully processed it,' she said.

Then from 2005-2010, Matenopoulos went on to become part of the E!

Network family and began co-hosting all of the red carpet events with Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic, which consistently garnered E!

Luckily, the correspondent had a dermatologist appointment for an unrelated matter scheduled when she got back to the US.

While she was there, she pointed out the freckle to her doctor, still feeling carefree and mostly unworried. News with stars like Bruce Jenner (pictured second from right before he became Caitlyn Jenner) and correspondents like Catt Sadler (left) and Ken Baker (second from left)Unfortunately, she had to be on camera in minutes - so she hung up, reapplied her lipstick, and got back to work.