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24 Apr

I asked six experts on female sexuality what they would do enhance women’s sexual satisfaction. “But we also need to talk about what’s good about sex – about what it can and should be.” A consequence of this approach, she says, is that a lot of young people don’t understand that sex should be pleasurable for women.

“There’s an expectation of pain and discomfort, that sex is something they give but don’t get.” A more pleasure-centered sex education would cover not just pregnancy, intercourse and STDs, but also sexual response, consent and non-penetrative sex acts.

Andrea then had to pipe up and shut the conversation down: "Okay well apparently it is very good for you."Fans of the show couldn't believe their ears and shared their thoughts on Twitter. " "This has to be the funniest Loose Women EVER," raved another.

One person posted: "Masterbreaking omg.""Is Andrea actually saying what I think she's saying! This isn't the first time the show has transformed into filth either.

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The whole show was catapulted into chaos this afternoon with the panel, audience and viewers in hysterics. The segment was doomed as soon as host Andrea Mc Lean brought up the topic of a different kind of self love.

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Firstly, let’s begin with the 3 most common follies and mistakes guys make when it comes to sex talk: : Bad timing is the most common mistake we make as men.

I’ve witnessed guys try to strike up sex talk at a crowded bar counter to no avail.