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(Stravinsky also made a version for voice and piano.) Stravinsky scholar Eric White notes that the four songs -- "The Tomcat," "The Tomcat on the Stove," "Bye-bye," and "O Tomcat, Tomcat" -- clearly belong to the era of Pribaoutki (1914), Stravinsky's collection of nonsense songs composed in the Russian folk idiom.

The Cat's Cradle Songs however, possess a terseness that is somewhat foreign to the idiom, perhaps foreshadowing the brevity and austerity of Stravinsky's soon-to-emerge Neoclassical style.

OLD MARRIED GUY: Dude, are you stressed out about Valentine's Day? If I could get a marriage break from, say, November through February, life would be pretty sweet. OLD MARRIED GUY: My wife's birthday is eight months away and I'm already losing sleep over it.

YOUNG SINGLE GUY: I'm not even exactly sure when Valentine's Day is. YOUNG SINGLE GUY: I try to avoid getting into any serious relationships before any gift-giving holiday. YOUNG SINGLE GUY: The last gift I gave to a girl I was dating was a mix CD. I feel like if I don't come up with the all-time perfect plan and the all-time perfect gift, that I've failed as a man. YOUNG SINGLE GUY: I really do think meeting your girlfriend's gift expectations is one of the hardest parts of a relationship. A coupon for "One free back-rub from yours truly" makes me ecstatic.

The four songs explore the full range and expressive capabilities of the clarinets.

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