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Shortly after the turn of the 19th century, boards of trade were formed in the cities of Saint John, Quebec and Montreal.

From these beginnings, the movement grew and now represents more than 500 active chambers of commerce and boards of trade in communities across the country.

There is no particular virtue in being unknown, so we can hardly blame those who opt to form power couples or write reviews that bestow lavish praise on writers who are inclined to return the favour.

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These days writers are increasingly expected to be go-getters who enjoy Facebooking and Twitting.

They advocate for public policies that will foster a strong, competitive economic environment—one that benefits the businesses and families in their towns and across Canada.

When asked when she married Blackmore, who was charged this week with practising polygamy and is accused of marrying 24 women, Chatwin simply says it’s been “a long time.” She pauses when asked how many children she and Blackmore have, but reluctantly says they’ve had six, though she and her children don’t live with Blackmore.

While the missions of individual chambers of commerce vary, they all tend to focus to some degree on fostering trade and industry, stimulating civic development and promoting, generally, the welfare of the community and its surrounding areas.

Some of the products and services that chambers of commerce offer include networking opportunities, advocacy, business advice, benefit programs and professional development. Chambers of commerce are vital to the economic viability of the communities they serve.