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14 Feb

- Very rare pre-1933 Karl Marx stickpin on original cardboard backing. The NPEA was established to provide the National Socialists government with an on-going core of politically trained officials.

I'm dating this as pre-1933 as to when Adolf Hitler was elected as Chancellor of Germany. This rare pin features the eagle's head with laurels and sword with the letter "E" superimposed on its feathered chest. STAATSCHUL FR FRHRERTUM IN POLITIK, EGENDORF ( STATE SCHOOL FOR FUTURE LEADERS IN POLITICS, EGENDORF).

Normally, such permanent emplacements could only be made in coastal fortifications or batteries, so as to dominate a broad expanse of adjoining water or shoreline terrain. Army’s manual, published in May 1851, pointedly reminded its officers that the top carriage perched on a barbette-chassis in a seaside fort could “not subserve the purpose of transportation,” and only in very pressing circumstances might this carriage’s single pair of large wheels “be used for moving its piece for short distances, as from one front of a work to another.” Depiction of the typical difficulties encountered in moving 19th-Century ordnance overland: Union soldiers straining to haul 12-pounders through the rain along a muddy road, in William T.

During the Spanish–American War, as commander of the Rough Riders, Colonel Theodore Roosevelt became known for wearing a slouch hat.The word "pins" is a catch-all used to describe military badges and insignia for various armed forces around the world.Because these badges and insignia are routinely pinned to a soldier's or officer's uniform, they are frequently referred to as pins.This style of hat has been worn for many hundreds of years, especially during the English Civil War during the 17th century when it became associated with the forces of King Charles I, the Cavaliers, but it was also fashionable for the aristocracy throughout Europe during that time until it was superseded by the cocked hat which has been referred to as the tricorn or bicorn depending upon the number of points.The modern slouch hat is derived from the black "Corsican hat" (Korsehut) – historically used in the Austrian army during the Napoleonic Wars.