Dating ashish

20 Mar

I believe love is as important as life and I also believe that in any relationship one must give the partner equal space and time.Anything in excess will hurt you."As we all know that Priyal has gone through many ups and downs in life so she spoke about her tryst with destiny, "I have been through so much in my life and the experience of being in love has taught a lesson but I still feel that love exists.“Pryanca is a very mature girl and that is what attracted me to her in the first place.She is a wonderful person and more than being a couple, we are the thickest of friends.

Turns out the gorgeous actress has been dating someone for the past one year.Earlier when i was announced that the two were coming together for a film, fans were a little taken aback considering their age gap.But now of course fans can’t stop raving about this on screen pair. The film is reportedly slated for an August release.It’s just been a year since she has shifted to Mumbai and we both have a long way to go in our respective careers before we settle down.We will take things slowly and not hurry upon anything.” The couple keeps posting lovey-dovey pictures on Instagram along with love-filled captions.