Dating function eregi is deprecated in

23 May

I've installed Zencart several times previously on Windows xp and never had any problems so I'm wondering if it's something to do with Windows 7.

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, - , _ " to make it clear: ^ means begin here (startpoint of ereg) $ means end here (endpoint of ereg) * stand for endless characters (I want A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and the other characters to apear from 0 to endless optional you can write for min 1 times a character or max 5 times a characters instead of * means min 1 time a character and max 2 times a character (optional you can write * intead of stand for max 1 time a character \ means from here special characters (like .-_$ and so on) | means OR Hi,for those looking for email adress PHP validation,isemail is a javascrit function that checks the following conditions for the email string: • only one @ sign permitted • domain extension separator (.) must come after the @ symbol • must be at least 2 characters (letters) after the domain extension separator (.) • rejects all illegal characters including spaces.

• Allows only numbers, letters, the underscore (_) and the dash (-) character as valid input (excluding the mandatory "@" and "." symbols).

If you are using php v5.3 then you are going to get a load of these errors ... If you know what you are doing then perhaps you might be able to offer to help Michael out making/testing the changes to the code ...

Hello I think this is not clear:"the matches will be stored in the elements of the array regs.

The one in this list is incorrect for at least php 4.3.0 which is what I'm using. ) makes sure that the parentheses aren't used for storing the matched regex.

A little interesting and hopefully on topic point I found while browsing the internet at: to RFC 822 (see email addressesare case-sensitive in the part before the "@" sign, except for thespecial address "POSTMASTER", which is not case-sensitive.

$regs[0] will contain a copy of the complete string matched.

• Minimum of 6 characters The following pattern satisfy all-in-one for the ereg function:$pattern = "^([A-Za-z0-9\.|-|_])([@])";$pattern .="([A-Za-z0-9\.|-|_])(\.)([A-Za-z])$";ereg($pattern,$email) UK postcode validation.

\.svg|\.wmf|\.zip|\.tar\.gz|\.tgz)$"That is the proper file check for a well formatted beginning and ending filename for those select files.

"Beacause By "substring," it means the string contained within the parenthesis.

But in that statement it isn't so clearly With regards Amir Hossein Estakhrian Here a little clear and easy script that I wrote to validate an E-Mail Input.