Dating guild guitar

21 Mar

The finish was high quality, and the expense of it on these lower cost guitars was one of the reasons Martin dropped the line.The Shenandoahs came in several models, listed below.

The last known stage use of a Les Paul Deluxe was 28 Dec. Known for his pummeling guitar work with The Who, Pete Townshend introduced a new sonic and visual vocabulary to rock ā€˜nā€™ roll with his masterful playing.Model # E231 Serial No# 3-015234 Can you help me find any more info on it ?I purchased an Espana back in high school in 1965, a model SL-1. It was described as a "handcrafted 3/4 size classical".All of them had every cosmetic feature of their higher priced counterparts.For example, a Shenandoah 000-2832 (the extra "32" at the end always designates a Shenandoah) had a full gloss body and neck, Martin Style 28 rosette and backstrip, and white-black-white purfling, just like a Standard Series 000-28.