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16 Apr

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The Pilbara region in Western Australia has some of the world’s most ancient natural landscapes, dating back two billion years and stretching over 500,000 square kilometres.The ore is moved by railway from four major iron ore deposits to the east and south of Port Hedland area.In August 2010 the port exported 13.6 million tonnes of iron ore.These large mounds have almost become a tourist attraction in their own right.Port Hedland is known by the Indigenous Kariyarra and Nyamal people as Marapikurrinya, which either means "place of good water" (as told by a Nyamal language speaker) and makes reference to the three reliable fresh water soaks that can still be seen in and around the town, or as the town council's website says "refers to the hand like formation of the tidal creeks coming off the harbour (marra - hand, pikurri - pointing straight and nya - a place name marker)".