Dating restrictions in the middle east

06 Mar

Back in Jordan, a wave of child abandonments last year prompted one medical official to call for lifting the ban on abortion in Jordan, a topic so taboo here it's generally considered outside the realm of discussion.

Although just a limited segment of the Jordanian population appears to have embraced the lifestyle -- and it's easier for men than women -- their numbers are growing.

An aviation official told CNN that there is a security concern regarding passengers boarding nonstop flights to the U. To date, they are the only terror organization that has shown a marked effort to try to attack airlines, the officials said. Etihad Airways in the United Arab Emirates said Tuesday it had received a directive from the U. Saudi Arabian Airlines told its customers in a statement on Twitter that new measures from the U. Transportation Security Administration include a ban on laptops and tablets, like i Pads and Kindles, in carry-on baggage on flights to the U. All other electronics would be "strictly prohibited." The airline cited "concerned U. departments" without offering additional explanation. The carrier said that laptops, tablets, DVD players and electronic games must be stored in checked baggage for its flights.

This is the scene of the new, trendy Middle East, where (for a small group) sex before marriage is possible.

While fundamentalists tend to grab most of the headlines, throughout the region a growing number of young people are breaking with tradition. In Iran, for example, a recent government survey showed that one in four men between the ages of 19 and 29 had sex before marriage.

To be sure, the core cultural concerns about dating and sex remain.

Several Middle Eastern airports have started implementing a ban on carry-on laptops on flights to the US and the UK.