Dating washington pocket watches

06 Apr

In 2005, the watch, the antique box containing it and a love poem Monroe had placed in the box sold at auction for 0,000.As many watch fans know, presidential history is loaded with horological tidbits like this.This pocket watch was considered a minute repeater, but with a twist.The hammer hit on the edge of the case rather than a chime, giving the watch a nickname of a “dumb repeater.”Washington also acquired a Jean-Antoine Lépine, in which Gouveneur Morris bought for him while on a trip to Paris.In honor of the presidential conventions happening in Cleveland and in Philadelphia, we thought it would be interesting to take a look back in history at some of the presidents and the watches they owned.From pocket watches to the popular timepieces of recent presidents, what has made each president tick?Tom Mc Intyre talks about antique pocket watches, discussing key manufacturers, the mechanics behind the watches, the varying types, and the collecting hobby in general.Based in Massachusetts, Tom can be reached via his website, American Watch Company Web, which is a member of our Hall of Fame.

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One of his watches was unmarked, except for a small “H M/ 522” found on the back of the dial.But the museum had a highly-skilled watchman at the helm—equipped with the right tools and the patience to responsibly handle such a precious artifact—and just a little luck.George Thomas deftly lifted the watch face and peeked inside.A hush fell over the room as the watchmaker halted his work.A partially-dismantled pocket watch that once belonged to President Abraham Lincoln gleamed in his hands. I waited, perched on the edge of my seat, for a verdict—was there really a secret message inscribed inside the watch? Lincoln himself never knew of the message he carried in his pocket.