David annable emily vancamp still dating

19 May

Maybe the feelings were just one sided, or maybe Cassidy didn't want to reveal his true feelings about his on screen sister, but in his autobiography, "C'Mon Get Happy," he explained that feelings were not there for this Partridge family sis.

Amanda Foreman plays 2 different characters on "Private Practice" (as Katie Kent, Violet's patient, who attacked her (the end of season 2)), and on Grey's Anatomy (2005) (as Nora, wife of a guy with no arms (season 7)).

Actors and actresses — who often spend days, months or sometimes years working together on set — often turn into real-life couples off-screen. That being said, some of these relationships might seem a bit weird from a fan's perspective.

Imagine how awkward it is for fans when two actors whom they are used to seeing as on-screen siblings start dating off-screen.

When working with someone day in and day out for a movie, there's a possibility some sparks may start to fly.

Or, in the case of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett, you may already be married when asked to star as brother and sister in a movie.