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09 Mar

In DBSK's drama *DATING ON EARTH* , it is about the married life of a high school life of a couple .

The husband is a high school student , starred by Yoochun and the wife is a class advisor , starred by So Hyon Jin.

The Place Where the Sun Sits Former high school classmates, now adults, hold jealous thoughts, hidden intentions and lust for revenge.

Graduates from a high school have held reunions since they graduated 10 years ago.

The other 4 members will be acted as Yoochuns classmates.

Jaejoong will be acting as a transferred student who have lose his parents since young , was brought up in an orphanage.

Debuted since December 26th, 2003 and currently splitting into two groups of TVXQ (consists of U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin) and JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu).

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In the drama , Jaejoong will fallen in love for his class advisor [starred by So Hyon Jin] , then formed a love triangle relationship with Yoochun , class advisors husband .

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Dating On Earth adalah film yang dibintangi oleh member-member TVXQ yang sebenarnya sudah lama dibuat, namun baru dirilis baru-baru ini.