Evia moore interracial dating blog

16 Apr

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Besides, why should black women make sacrifices that black men are not making?

More: White men make better husbands than black men.

Inevitably that is the sticking point for many women who may shut down, especially those influenced heavily in the indoctrination zone of the “dead” black community. We have to be able to get past the rudimentary head-in-sand or hand-on-hip response if we are to continue growing.

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UHLP1 You Tube VIDEO Show Notes: Zooming in on the inborn assets that we each get in the form of a unique set of traits from our Creator at birth. I was born in the South Bronx, but with my personal power and many of the Hidden Lessons in this series, most of you would be amazed at what I’ve been able to amass in my life. With consistent effort and using Up Culture Hidden Lessons, we can use our power to create and live an elevated life.With Negro Wars in your possession you will finally have a reference point to turn to whenever black women attempt to run their usual Kansas City shuffle techniques. within their homes and communities there seems to be extra confusion, questions and angst about potential couplings with WHITE MEN. At the Dating While Brown site, Interracial Dating Coach Jeremy Nelson was taking reader questions from black women concerned about the mating dance between black women and white men.The numbers show that they are way less likely to divorce you or beat you.They are more likely to be good fathers since more of them had good fathers on which to model themselves. Many if not most black men are Damaged Beyond Repair (DBR).