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24 Feb

On Tuesday, however, the council's deputy speaker, Ayub Junaidi, apologized for the comments and said no such bylaw was being considered.

"On behalf of the Jember Consultative Council we'd like to apologize to the public, especially to all women and girls across Indonesia," the National Awakening Party (PKB) lawmaker was quoted as saying by

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The city council of Jember in East Java has distanced itself from statements made by one of its lawmakers after he said last week all school girls would be required to take a virginity test in order to graduate.

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This International journal Guarantees that the editor decision based on the peer review results will not exceed 21 days from the paper submission date.Images of conservative religious dress and punctual mosque visits dominates perspectives of the people populating the vast archipelago.However, upon scratching the surface a little, an underground culture exists. A culture of free-sex and a sense of pride in extra-marital affairs is often ingrained into the psyche of Jakarta's young.On Monday the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) met with the Jember city council and voiced their disapproval too, saying it was discriminatory and opposed to proper Islamic teachings.For many foreigners who are yet to visit or read about Indonesia, an image of strong morals and Islamic values reigns.