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20 Mar

Their seventh studio effort, it's an early favorite for 2013 and a strong addition to their catalog. One of the best live acts of the 1990s, The Mavericks delivered a generous two and a half hour show that began at and ended at midnight, just in time for people to buy that new album on their way home.They certainly got a strong sense of the material: the show featured about eight songs from the new disc, all of them fitting neatly alongside their repertoire of favorites.p .main-container #login input[type=text], .main-container #login input[type=password] .main-container #login input[type=text] .main-container #login input[type=password] .main-container #login div .main-container .remember-forgot .main-container .main-container .main-container #login div label .main-container button .main-container #social .main-container #social span .main-container #social span.facebook .main-container #social .main-container #social span.twitter .main-container #social .main-container .main-container .What do you get when you mix an independent-minded group of performers together to perform neotraditional country music with a Cuban flair from Miami, FL.In Time topped many critics’ Best Of lists, including American Songwriter, The Boston Globe, NPR, Los Angeles Times and New York Magazine.

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Their new album -- -- was hitting stores the next morning.

The album opener "Back In Your Arms Again" set the tone perfectly for the night, letting the band stretch out in a classic country melody.

"Once I said I'd never want your love again," sang lead singer Raul Malo.

“I was 12 years old and my father took me to see ZZ Top and it blew my mind.

I was never the same after that.” Perez began playing paying gigs at the age of 13, and would hone his guitar skills playing in other bands across Los Angeles.