Internet dating horses

03 Apr

Even in the internet era, the Brony community has really pioneered cartoon horse fetishism and brought it to the American market.Come build relationships with people who share your appreciation for the country way of life, so create a profile and start exploring. Online personals are a great place for singles to meet other cowboys or cowgirls. People who live in the country on a farm are farmers. My ideal Saturday: Get up at 5am, bath and plait horse, load horse and drive 100 miles to show, compete in dressage/showing/jumping/xc, drive home, rub down and feed horse, go home, collapse onto sofa, drink a bottle of wine in front of Bake Off. There must be something you’re interested in, other than horses? I dumped my ex because he couldn’t get on with my horse. Maybe you could mix things up a bit by having something non-horse-related in there? Anyway, they won’t know who Emily King is, and they’ll Google her and come up with American Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Emily King.

How did people meet before the days of online dating? As a rider, you face the dilemma of being completely honest about yourself in your profile, and therefore giving away the fact that you will never love any prospective suitor as much as you love your horse, which could be off-putting, or lying, and ending up with someone who doesn’t like horses, or thinks they smell, or something. Perhaps treading some kind of middle ground is the way forward.

If that isn't proof of a wonderful match, I don't know what is.

And she was the very first introduction I received!

Cowboy Cowgirl is a great place to find a date for horse lovers.

Here's where you can meet singles in Horse Cave, Kentucky.