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Less than a year later, in 1961, Chamberlain gained widespread fame as the young intern, Dr.

Kildare, in the NBC/MGM television series of the same name, co-starring with Raymond Massey.

With his TV career remarkably revived by Channel 4 gameshow Deal Or No Deal, he wanted a substantial property that would be within striking distance of London as well as being convenient for his filming in Bristol.

The Kents' early 18th-century mansion - set in 36 acres with tennis court, swimming pool, rose garden and, crucially, three stable blocks - seemed perfectly suited for horse-loving Edmonds.

The assembled chapters illustrate how climate, demographic, subsistence, social and ecological change have affected cultures from the Palaeolithic to Historical, from North Africa and West-Central Eurasia to Southeast Asia and China.

They also chronicle the innovations and renegotiated relations that communities have devised to meet and exploit the many shifting realities involved with Living in the Landscape.

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