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19 May

NIPT uses advanced whole genome next generation sequencing technology to accurately inform you of the potential risk of a chromosomal condition which may affect your unborn baby.

During pregnancy the placenta leaks fetal DNA (“cf DNA”) which crosses into the maternal bloodstream.

We provide you images through USB, key rings, CD-ROM, high quality photo prints and actual real time DVD video footage.

From a medical point of view the benefits of 3D and 4D scans appear to be limited.

Baby scans use the same technology as traditional 2D ultrasound scans but rather than taking a single image, they comprise multiple images processed very quickly in a powerful computer to create the 3D scan image.

Juicing during pregnancy is an excellent way to get vital nutrients to you and your baby.

Occasionally they can be useful in giving additional information about a known abnormality.

As there are few clear medical benefits it's unlikely that these scans will replace normal 2-D scans in the near future.