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" English translation: "We Are the Crystal Gems / We always save the day / Don't think that we can't / Down with cowardice / And that's why everyone always believes / In Garnet, in Amethyst, in Pearl, and in Steven! This intro only showed up in "Watermelon Steven" only the first time the episode aired. The French version of Steven Universe airs on Cartoon Network France / Belgique / Suisse every Sunday with a rerun every Saturday since the 5th of May 2014. A hiatus has been marked since "Back to the barn" has aired. English translation: "We, the Crystal Gems / We save the entire world / You have to trust us / We'll do everything to succeed !" Steven Universe aired in Asia on January 6, 2014. / That's why everybody here believes in us / Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl, and Steven! English translation: We Are the Crystal Gems / the saviors in distress / Even if you don't believe us, / we bring it into balance / So everyone in the world might love us / Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl and Steven!There are two episodes that were not dubbed into Malay, "So Many Birthdays" and "Joking Victim". It is unusual because there are no dubs for Indonesian in Indonesia. The characteristics of the Italian dubbing are: English translation: "We Are the Crystal Gems, / We have the solution / Against every adversity, / With determination / We'll defend the world that, already believes / in Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, and Steven! / The people of this world, believe.../ in Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl, and in Steven! " English translation: "Each one of us has a gem / We are saving this world / Who doesn't appreciate / Will be very surprised / Today the world already knows that it's earnestly protected / (by) Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven!English translation: "Oh, Crystal Gems / The savior of The World / And we are ready/ No matter where / The entire of the world believes in / Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven! In addition to the inclusion of on-screen lyrics during the theme song, the hard cuts that end the intro and begin the episode title in the English version are replaced with fades, and the end credits sequence is extended slightly to include credits for the Japanese dubbing cast and staff. " Kiki Pizza (10) The names of the main characters were all literally translated into Norwegian.Online chat includes web-based applications that allow communication – often directly addressed, but anonymous between users in a multi-user environment.Web conferencing is a more specific online service, that is often sold as a service, hosted on a web server controlled by the vendor.There are many great reasons to use our Sex Chat Room!This site is free and lets you talk about whatever you want online.

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