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06 Apr

One way or another it has been speculated that the Billy Budd Morrissey is thinking about is Johnny Marr, a theory backed by the "12 years on" line in the song.

It is generally assumed that this movie or the Keith Waterhouse book from which it was adapted inspired the lyrics of "William It Was Really Nothing". Shankly" is based on a scene from this movie featuring the main character giving his notice to the poetry-writing and undertaker Mr. The line "Let's go for a walk where it's quiet" has been reused in the Smiths' "The Queen Is Dead".

The film, which has not been authorised by the former Smiths frontman, is called England Is Mine, having been originally set to be titled Steven, which is Morrissey’s first name.

The final title is a reference to a lyric in The Smiths‘ song ‘Still Ill’.

#4 HSV 1 can be passed even if no sores are present. A trans person is one who intends, at some point, to change their gender (e.g.

from male to female) by way of surgery and hormones.

In 1999, he did a tour called Oye Esteban and was one of the headliners of the Coachella Festival.

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Top songs: Everyday Is Like Sunday, Suedehead, and You Have Killed Me.

#2 Strapon penetration is illegal and does constitute sex.

When charging a session fee, it is considered prostitution. #3 A post-op transsexual who had a good surgeon looks the same as a female in the genitals so you would likely not know the difference.

The main role in this movie was played by Terence Stamp, one of Morrissey's favourite actors.

This may lead us to believe that this film might have inspired Morrissey more than the Herman Melville novel from which it was adapted, but then Melville also has a short story titled "John Marr, Sailor".