Most embarrassing dating moments

21 Apr

Much of the criticism was about the awkward shape of Reid's nipple.Unfortunately, Reid's career never bounced back from the embarrassment.She didn't have extra beds and we snuggled up together on a very small couch. So I'm like, 'Nothing, really.' He goes, 'Do you want to hang out tonight?We just had to kinda …" —Monica"I feel like we just kind of yin-yanged on the love seat." —Alex9. 'Hit Me Baby One More Time' is my favorite, and I even do dances with it and have perfected my choreography. "I went on a post-Thanksgiving colon cleanse, and my boyfriend at the time called me just to ask what's up. ' And I say, 'I um, I just can't.' So then he's like, 'You're being weird. ' Finally, I was like, 'I'm pooping my brains out, OK?He had this remote toy for his cat that would vibrate at the push of a button on a small remote.Well this toy could be taken apart and still work, the vibrating part is about the size and width of a quarter...For most girls, a gust of wind catching their dress would have exposed EVERYTHING.But thanks to Khloe's trusted Spanx, she was spared from the world seeing all her business.

I mixed up my notes and ended up doing a cop cavity search role-play scene with my second guy.

But when it ends up costing you your entire career, that's a problem.

Tara Reid's infamous nipple-slip was the most talked about in nipple-slip history.

He seemed a bit surprised upon seeing me in officer gear and explained that he never did a role-play before.

My first client ended up getting a sensual session instead of his cop role-play. "To prepare for anal sex, I have a ritual of masturbating with a vibrator a little to relax my body.