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30 Mar

List MB52 RM07MLBS List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand MB53 RM07MWRKK Display Plant Stock Availability MB54 RM07MKBS Consignment Stocks MB55 RM07MMST Display Quantity String MB56 RVBBWULS Analyze batch where-used list MB57 RM07MCHW Compile Batch Where-Used List MB58 RM07MKON Consgmt and Ret. Date MB5OA RM07MOA Display Valuated GR Blocked Stock MB5S RM07MSAL Display List of GR/IR Balances MB5T RM07MTRB Stock in transit CC MB5U RM07AUMD Analyze Conversion Differences MB5W RM07MBST List of Stock Values MB90 MM70AMEA Output Processing for Mat. documents MBBM RM07MMBL Batch Input: Post Material Document MBBR RM07RRES Batch Input: Create Reservation MBBS RM07MBWS Display valuated special stock MBC1 SAPMV13H Create MM Batch Search Strategy MBC2 SAPMV13H Change MM Batch Determ. Selection MC$ RMCE0300 PURCHIS: Mat Grp Purch Qty Selection MC$A RMCE0300 PURCHIS: Mat Grp Del Relblty Selection MC$C RMCE0300 PURCHIS: Mat Grp Qty Relblty Selection MC$E RMCE0300 PURCHIS: Mat Grp Freq. Orders Selection MC(M RMCV0600 SIS: Sales Office, Inc. Selection, Coverage MC.5 RMCB0200 INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection, Coverage MC.9 RMCB0300 INVCO: Material Anal. Ingredient Mat MB0A SAPMM07M Post Goods Receipt for PO MB11 SAPMM07M Goods Movement MB1A SAPMM07M Goods Withdrawal MB1B SAPMM07M Transfer Posting MB1C SAPMM07M Other Goods Receipts MB21 SAPMM07R Create Reservation MB22 SAPMM07R Change Reservation MB23 SAPMM07R Display Reservation MB24 RM07RESL Reservation List MB25 RM07RESL Reservation List MB26 PP_PICK_LIST Picking list MB31 SAPMM07M Goods Receipt for Production Order MB51 RM07DOCS Material Doc. List MB5B RM07MLBD Stocks for Posting Date MB5C RM07MCHS Pick-Up List MB5K RM07KO01 Stock Consistency Check MB5L RM07MBST List of Stock Values: Balances MB5M RM07MMHD BBD/Prod. Selection MC RMCE0200 PURCHIS: Vendor Purch Val Selection MC RMCE0200 PURCHIS: Vendor Del Relblty Selection MC RMCE0200 PURCHIS: Vendor Qty Relblty Selection MC$: RMCE0200 PURCHIS: Vendor Freqs. Orders Selection MC(U RMCV0400 SIS: Shipping Point Deliveries Sel. MC-A RMCV0600 SIS: Sales Office Returns, Selection MC-E RMCV0600 SIS: Sales Office - Sales Selection MC-I RMCV0600 SIS: Sales Office Credit Memos Selec MC-M RMCV0500 SIS: Employee - Returns, Selection MC-Q RMCV0500 SIS: Employee - Sales, Selection MC-U RMCV0500 SIS: Employee - Credit Memos, Selec. Selection, Turnover MC.4 RMCB0100 INVCO: Plant Anal. Selection, Turnover MC.8 RMCB0200 INVCO: SLoc Anal. This problem isn’t much different than Java Script where An important step in serving HTML5 audio and video is serving the files with the correct MIME type.To add them to an Apache server, use the Add Type directive in a .htaccess or directly in a Virtual Host file.Rig Pass training is conducted by companies and training organizations accredited by IADC under the Rig Pass program.Presently there are more than 220 companies accredited to deliver the Rig Pass orientation in 31 countries. IADC only accredits company and third-party trainers.Tag Lib is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) and Mozilla Public License (MPL).

This means depending on the types of files you want to serve you might want to add a .htaccess file to the specific directory containing either the audio or the video files so the proper MIME type is served.Here is a way you can help support our project; this is completely optional, but even a little can go a long way.Parameters are values that are pre-assigned in a particular program something similar to default value. Rig Pass was developed and is overseen by oil and gas industry HSE professionals under the auspices of the International Association of Drilling Contractors, a nonprofit association formed in 1940 whose mission is to catalyze improved performance by improving HSE and training; enhance drilling technology; and championing sensible legislation and regulation. Rig Pass is a leading safety curriculum globally recognized and accepted wherever oil and gas operations exist.Further, Rig Pass is endorsed by two US operator organizations? (Additional administrative requirements apply for the Safe Gulf or Safe Land USA endorsement.) In addition, IADC’s accreditation programs are ISO certified.