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25 Feb

He was angry and opinionated for the next 20 years and adolescence was all-out warfare.

The school actually had my phone number on speed dial.

In New Orleans in 1939 this is the adventure of a German Shepherd named Charlie and little orphan girl.

Double crossed by his former partner Charlie must get his revenge on his nemesis while protecting his charge.

We tried everything and later discovered that he had some contributing medical problems.

None of this changed our love for and commitment to our son, but it certainly tested it.

Mark I don’t think I ever truly loved anyone so absolutely unreservedly until the doctor placed a squirming little morsel of humanity on my chest and the nurses lifted my head so I could see my newborn. The slog through the Valley of the Shadow of Death required to birth a baby is a cakewalk compared to the rigors of childrearing.

It was as if the spirits of every mother from Eve to the present gathered around the head of the delivery table and said, “Now you are really going to learn about unconditional love! Like all mothers, I have needed to draw heavily on that God-given reserve of love for patience, wisdom, and endurance for that trek.

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