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14 Feb

Love for Wits ❤ Tagline: "From the heart, but smart." ❤ Who it's for: "Witty and intelligent singles" who are irritated by dates that involve "inane blather, ...blank stares or humorless hominids with hubris." Joining this network, which was founded in 2010, requires creating a profile and filling out a detailed Q&A that asks for more substantive input than other sites.You can connect much faster and with greater confidence when everyone’s on exactly the same page as you – interested in dating for long-term romance or marriage.Importantly, this eliminates the possibility of travelling a way down the road together before discovering your companion’s destination is not the same."If you have any quirks or personality traits that people will find cute and endearing, definitely include them in your profile," says Moffit."It's a good idea to be specific and not be embarrassed about the things you're interested in."If you're less inclined toward a massive pool from places like or e Harmony, there's also an entire world of genre-specific sites out there, targeting particular interests and people on their own.As someone interested in serious dating leading to a long-term relationship, chances are you consider yourself mature.At least, more sure of what it is you’re looking for, with the maturity to be upfront and proactive about it.

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They’re a great way to ease back into things at your own pace, with no awkward face-to-face moments or pressure of any kind.Today this is far from true so I’m waiting for a new and energy.Or in other words, an opportunity to enjoy life more than ever before. Thanks to the Internet, love can be found at first click.But if the scope of general dating sites is overwhelming, don’t fear.