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24 Apr

A new era of peace and hope has dawned for the country with a renewed mandate for the continued leadership of President Rajapaksa, that too with the beginning of another decade.Sri Lanka is now wholly poised as a free country to achieve prosperity, which the people so richly deserve.

The vote at the recent Presidential election, is an overwhelming endorsement by the people of this country of President Rajapaksa’s achievements for their betterment, and providing a firmer foundation for the further strengthening of national amity, progress and prosperity of our nation as envisioned in the “Mahinda Chinthana”.

Sharmila is also a victim of forced child marriage, which is legal for Sri Lankan Muslims. May 24 (DN) Abortion of human fetuses is indeed a traumatic one especially for an unwed young woman who has got pregnant for the first time. "If there is an amendment to the MMDA we have no problem we will support but the amendments should be done according to Sharia Law. By responding in the right and adequate manner, without overdoing either the welcome or the anticipated protests to Modi visit, SL stake-holders have put bilateral relations in perspective, despite the continuing daggers-drawn approach in domestic politics, something that political parties more..

There are indeed unwed young women who have had abortions and subsequently got pregnant again and had had abortions more than once. May 24 (CT) The city of Colombo was well admired by the father of modern Singapore Lee Kuan Yew in 1950s, for having the best infrastructure, stone faced buildings and greener environment, and with the visionary leadership and sheer commitment he transformed Singapore, from third world to the first world.

The programme Videshavicharam is anchored by retired Indian Ambassador T. Sreenivasan who is the current Director General of the Kerala International Centre in Thiruvananthapuram.

He is also a member of the National Security Advisory Board of India.