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15 May

Chris Goldstein is a marijuana reform advocate and writer who helped with decriminalization in Philadelphia.He serves on the Board of Directors at Philly NORML and works as Senior Editor of Freedom Leaf Magazine.Lacking their own army, the Nizari relied on these warriors to carry out espionage and assassinations of key enemy figures, and over the course of 300 years successfully killed two caliphs, and many viziers, sultans, and Crusader leaders.

“Our findings may be important from a public health perspective since they could highlight the neurotoxic effects of cannabis use on the central nervous system as a result of how it affects retinal processing.” A statement issued by the Journal of the American Medical Association described the study as “small” and “preliminary”.

But the researchers, led by Dr Vincent Laprevote, of the Pole Hospitalo-Universitaire de Psychiatrie du Grand Nancy, added: “Independent of debates about its legalisation, it is necessary to gain more knowledge about the different effects of cannabis so that the public can be informed.

“Future studies may shed light on the potential consequences of these retinal dysfunctions for visual cortical processing and whether these dysfunctions are permanent or disappear after cannabis withdrawal.” In a related article commenting on the research, Dr Christopher Lyons, of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and Dr Anthony Robson, of Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, wrote that it dealt with “an important and neglected issue, namely the possible toxic effects of cannabis, with all its implications for the many users of this ubiquitous drug”.

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