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17 May

“I was 12 years old then, and, in the world I was living in, this wasn’t as unusual as you might expect,” Potts said.

“There was a rhyme and reason to everything in God’s world.

Ten years later, Potts sits in front of an emotional crowd — many of them Oral Roberts University alumni — inside the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center to speak about his perspective on faith and sexuality, as he often does as a member of the Liberty Education Forum's speakers bureau.

This weekend he served as grand marshal for the AIDS Walk in Oklahoma, returning to the home state of his grandfather’s spiritual kingdom.

Randy’s grandfather remained one of the best-known and controversial leaders inside the American Pentecostal movement until his death in December 2009.

“I was not close to my grandfather, even though my family lived about 20 yards away on the Roberts compound in Tulsa,” he said.

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Not only have the Golden Eagles have averaged more than 19 wins annually in Sutton’s 16 seasons, but over the last 10 that figure has grown to better than 20 victories a year.

Oral Roberts pioneered TV evangelism, conducted more than 300 crusades on six continents, and founded Oral Roberts University and the Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association —a holy empire that was worth more than half a billion dollars.

He would also achieve worldwide notoriety after he claimed that God “would take him home” unless his followers raised million in cash.

Patriarch Oral Roberts was urging Richard, his successor, not to go on , alleging that Richard and Lindsay Roberts, ORU’s president and first lady since 1993, treated the university as a personal ATM.

The university’s finances were inadvertently cracked open by three professors who claimed they’d been fired for questioning Richard’s efforts to involve ORU in campaigning for Senator Jim Inhofe’s chosen candidate in Tulsa’s mayoral election. ORU’s Board of Regents agreed: was a terrible idea.