Persona 3 dating faq

17 Apr

However, a string of tragic events and mysteries began to impose her.

With the help of her new friends and the power of Persona, she must uncover the truth or her future would be forever lost in the fog...

To unlock the Sun arcana, talk to a politician named Yoshida in front of the train station at Shibuya.

Next, you must get a part-time job at the Beef Bowl restaurant.

Apollo, Venus and Hades are all weak to Darkness initially.

is chocked full of content that can extend your first playthrough past the hundred hour mark.

There’s no doubt newcomers will struggle to understand the underlying game mechanics without reading the excessive amount of tutorials thrown at the player during the first ten hours of the game.

In the SEBEC quest, if the protagonist performs good deeds throughout the quest, when he meets with his other self in the Alaya Cavern, the other self will reward him with the totems.

In the Snow Queen route, the protagonist has to trade Ambrosia gained from defeating the Tower bosses with Raiho during the final dungeon.