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30 Jan

was originally published in seven volumes between 19, with a further book set in the middle of the story released in 2012, as well as various expansions and adaptations published by Marvel Comics since 2007.We've already got some funky names and concepts down, but how does it all fit together?series has already become a cult phenomenon for millions of readers around the world, and the BBC now hopes it will do the same as a TV series.

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King's name, alone, got people into theaters to see adaptations of That doesn't mean the author ever stopped telling stories. So now that Hollywood is circling back around to the cinematic-worthy works of Stephen King, they are remembering just how many incredible tales the writer has in his chest, and new movies are hopping on our radars.

The first trailer has finally arrived after much anticipation giving us our first proper look at the Gun Slinger and the Man in Black who go head to head for the fate of the world aided by small red-headed child Jake.(Keep your eyes peeled for the is indeed coming. Its release date was going to be February 17 – which obviously didn't happen.

It was postponed until July 28, apparently to leave more time for promotion and special effects.

Each of the lead cast was invited by wardrobe to mock fittings of the traitor mask to throw everyone off the scent.

"Our puppet masters went to every person and said, ' You have to have a secret fitting,' and we would show up and try on the traitor mask.