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29 Apr

Say we want to produce a PNG image with 1 row of 8 pixels, with all the colours from a 3-bit colour system (with 1-bit for each channel; such systems were common on 8-bit micros from the 1980s).We produce all possible 3-bit numbers: (later on we will convert False into 0, and True into 255, so don’t worry about that just yet). We want to flatten the pixels so that we have just one row. The same code runs in both Python 2.x and Python 3.x. It requires either Python 2.6 or Python 3.4 or any compatible higher version.Py PNG comes with a (For issues see

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It turns out that Num Py is a package for scientific computing with Python.According to expert Greek mythologists, the art of fapping was discovered at least 100 years ago by some attention whore godfag named Hermes.Microsoft's ongoing efforts to make its certifications something that shows bosses how very clever you are have given us some new “Digital Badges”[email protected] a problem writing files when using the command line tool on Windows (Issue 62). The following issues have been fixed: Issue 63: does not use 2to3 Issue 64: Typo in documentation Py PNG now works on Python 3 if you use the tool. The following issues have been fixed: Issue 60: Greyscale images not properly being converted to RGBA Issue 61: Doesn't work on Python 3 Added the "How Fast is Py PNG" section to the documentation. The Py PNG developers have been unable to reproduce the error (as it seems to be on 64-bit Python 2.5 systems); any user reports would be most welcome.The following issues have been fixed: On github: Issue 6: Palette processing is annoying On googlecode: Issue 62: Problem writing PNG files on Windows Development has moved from googlecode to github. Changed it so that more PNG formats return their rows as Python instances. The following issues have been fixed: Issue 56: read_flat broken Tentative fix for a deprecation warning on 64-bit Python 2.5 systems. The following issues have been fixed: Issue 54: Deprecation warnings when using pypng. Mostly more robust to dodgy input PNGs, as a result of testing with .