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30 Jan

anaesthesia (TIVA) revolution that must be regarded as one of the most significant innovations in anaesthesia practice of the last half century.

According to Ginny Pecora, administrator at Oregon Eye Center, Salem, Ore., pharmacy costs there have increased significantly since they began instituting new protocols to ensure compliance with the CMS multi-dose/multi-use guidelines.“It has become apparent that people aren’t necessarily using best practices,” she says.We spoke with several administrators in ophthalmic ASCs to find out what challenges they’re facing and the procedures and protocols they’re instituting to minimize the chance for infection and to ensure their patients’ safety.The practice burst into the national spotlight this month when cases of a rare brain infection, widely scattered across the country, were linked to a drug mixed by a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts.As of Saturday, 198 illnesses and 15 deaths had been reported from 13 states.