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28 Jan

Caron said Sunday that the diocese had received a secondhand report of the relationship in March.Last week, the alleged victim, who now lives out of state, reported that he had a relationship with Michaud from the ages of 16 to 19 and that it continued for a month or so after Michaud was ordained in 1977.

He said the abstinence-based curriculum will allow for discussions of other ways to help prevent pregnancy and reducing the risks of sexually-transmitted diseases.

Rather than parents fearing their child hearing lessons about such things as condoms and other forms of birth control, they are applauding the district for being more relevant to what students want and need to hear.

Ann Deneroff, director of curriculum, said students also will learn skills that will empower them to turn down sexual advances and other healthy dating skills.

The victim first reported the assault to a relative, and then told police, according to the newspaper’s report.

Bo Robinson employees apparently can’t keep their hands off the inmates.