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14 Mar

Holding them together is Carrie Bradshaw, a journalist and supposed Everywoman, played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

But be warned, sister – Sex and the City is to feminism what sugar is to dental care.

“The album” is an original blend of fun and spicy lyrics, sometimes real-life drag-queen stories, on a sweet bed of disco-chic and club house music.

Released in digital version in 2007, the opus enjoyed export success in Japan, USA, Netherlands, Latin America and Russia.

And because the human appetite for watching women being idiots is insatiable, a sequel opens next week. It’s because the female characters all work, earn money and talk about sex a lot, in the way that daft teenage girls do.

There is Miranda the lawyer, Samantha the nymphomaniac and Charlotte the prig.

The hits “Let me be a drag Queen”, “Saturday every man a Queen” and “Cyber Queen” stem from the successful collaboration of these two “sisters”, queens of the parisian nights, and Elliot Music and Marie-christine Maillet.

These famous singles inspired several renown DJs such as Junior Vasquez and Looney Choons some hit remixes that gained recognition both all over Europe, in Ibiza and in the United States, as some of them topped DJ rankings.

The underlying idea is to use the genre codes to play on felinity without going as far as body transformation; Having fun, being sexy and glamour, but always with imagination and exuberance!

Back in 1995, the smash hit by Sister Queen “Let me be a Drag Queen” made the nightclubbers dance all Europe.

If the Drag Queen movement started strong in the United States in the nightlife and fashion world, France soon followed up with the “Drag Fashion” made worldwide famous by the movie “The adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the desert”. Gently decadent fashion, gay attitude and dance music melted together perfectly led to this provocative, funny and happily crazy band noticed for its partying lyrics and provocative slogans.

My mother didn’t bother asking why I had opened Grace’s vagina. My mother removed them patiently while Grace cackled, thrilled that her prank had been a success.

Dunham describes the book as a “work of nonfiction” in which “some names and identifying details have been changed.” She also states that she considers herself an “unreliable narrator,” which gives her some wiggle room on the truth of her accounts. Williamson notes, this passage is “especially suspicious.” The one-year old Grace’s "prank" is supposedly done with the expectation of her older sister “poking around in her genitals.