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12 Feb

The other two are the Accelerationist and the Intelligence Explosion schools.

(2005) lays out the case for how exponentially accelerating information technology will spark the Singularity before 2050. Good as the modern initiator of the idea of an Intelligence Explosion.

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The Institute's chief goal is to make sure that whatever smarter-than-human artificial intelligence is eventually spawned by exponentially accelerating information technology that it will be friendly to humans. " As Eliezer Yudkowsky, cofounder of the Singularity Institute, explained, the idea was first propounded by mathematician and sci-fi writer Vernor Vinge in the 1970s.

Vinge found it difficult to write about a future in which greater than human intelligence arose. Because humanity would stand in relation to that intelligence as an ant does to us today.

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Zadie Smith’s career has been a 15-year psychodrama.

An advance of hundreds of thousands of pounds on a few dozen manuscript pages when she was still at Cambridge made her a celebrity before she was 25.