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08 Mar

It's actually the second most desirable place to live on the planet!

Join FREE | About 101 Christian singles | Christian Chat | help | Real marriage testimonials! - well because myself founder of Fusion has spent many a long hour behind my old computer - so that Christians could finally get a decent (I like to say were the best!!

Whether it’s bringing people together to improve their neighbourhood or connecting single people who share the same values, it’s clear Phillippa enjoys applying herself to social challenges.

The first Give A Damn Dating event, which took place in Whitechapel on January 23, had space for 60 people and was completely sold out.

Christians in the UK have never had a particularly good deal when it comes to being single - most churches in the UK don't even acknowledge a singles issue let alone try to hold any get-togethers events or help them out.

The church does seem not to want to upset the Christian singles and the singles are too embarrassed to admit a need.

Because you are in a contract with them there is nothing you can do to get out of it other than paying the excessive early cancellation penalties. The internet connection coming into the house is fine, we know this as it was a perfect service when we were with sky and they use the same broadband lines. Upgraded my Broadband from 13MBS to the fastest available in my area 22MBs. I have been put on an old telephone line that is 11Km long, instead of the 2KM one that went to a local fibre cabinet that I was using before.Or call us to chat through the options; we're open 6 days.It reaches north to Stratford, south to Lewisham, west to Tower Gateway and Bank in the City of London financial district, and east to Beckton, London City Airport and Woolwich Arsenal.A need for single Christians in London and generally?Well we searched the web for 'Christian singles in London' and came up with well - a bunch of sites that produced tonnes of pages that eventually took you to some secular dating site in the US!