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13 Mar

Vegetarian nutrition coach Susan Hart visits Gusto in Bridgford Road, West Bridgford.

I'd heard mixed reviews about the new Gusto restaurant in West Bridgford (the site of the former Monkey Tree pub), so it was an obvious place to visit to check out their veggie options.

Absolute fan of waking dead, game of thrones, Wentworth, oitnb and love a good TV …

I'm a recent graduate in Nottingham (history and philosophy) planning on becoming a teacher, but taking a year or so out first to get my bearings again!

The restaurant was really accommodating and helpful; their goat's cheese is veggie friendly so that could be substituted for all the other cheese.

They also suggested an option that wasn't on the regular menu.

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I really do wish that some of the Nottingham get togethers' could be catered more for those who don't always like to dance (and don't subscribe to the expected social stereotype that they attempt to brainwash us with, namely, if you are male, you must adopt the old fashioned approach and chat up the ladies and also dance to music you might hate!

Hey I'm Jenny, I'm a transgender woman, I'm pretty chilled out and I can be funny sometimes, I love playing my music and I really enjoy cooking and baking, I work for CAMHS and would prefer if people treated me fairly and isn't bigoted HI i am 24 years old i love to be curiouse  :...i am here to discover and to be discovered :)xx enjoy life perfection is what i am all about .

I have a wild side to my personality, can easily switch to being very serene and sophisticated.

These days all the info you need is online, a quick look at their menu and I was pleasantly surprised to see a note about vegetarian cheese. It makes life so must easier as a vegetarian to know which of the cheeses are suitable.

As I was making a booking for a large number we had to pre-book which gave me an opportunity to talk through the veggie options.