Steve harwell dating life smash mouth

25 Jan

When it comes to most branded Twitter accounts, it's safe to assume that a media intern is dreaming up the content.

After all, companies love to dabble in dank memes in a desperate hope for relevance.

"Love Is a Soldier" has that undeniable Smash Mouth sound; lead singer Steve Harwell hasn't changed an bit (except to get rid of his signature chinstrap facial hair), with his raspy shout-singing all over the track.

For better of for worse, the song gets a catchiness boost from the standard EDM stylings of the producer Specter and a few bars from a female vocalist.

During their early years, the band played largely rock music.

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Do you wish people would take you a little more seriously, or are you just having fun online? It's me and Paul, my bass player, with assistance from management. We just watched our new President win the election because of Twitter and that dude goes off.

One Twitter account that has surprised many with its authenticity, however, is that of naughties pop rockers Smash Mouth.

In recent years, the band has used their endlessly entertaining Twitter page to pay tribute to dead celebrities in odd ways, profess their love for bands like Parquet Courts and share surprise new songs.

The band adopted retro styles covering several decades of popular music.

They have also performed numerous covers of popular songs, including War's "Why Can't We Be Friends? Harwell's manager, Kevin Coleman, knew guitarist Greg Camp and bassist Paul De Lisle, who had both played in a local punk band, and introduced the three musicians to each other.