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12 Feb

Go Tuesday till Sunday My favourite: Rheinfelden Sole Uno (an 45 minutes train ride from Zurich) Nice outdoor setup, wooden cabins with wooden fires in the middle. It always seemed busy when we were there so I will be surprised if it's for lack of business...Go Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday sorry for the offence i caused a Swiss In The US thanks for the reply, for the rest of you i am not looking for a swinger club and i find it offensive that you say that. I just watched a great 2010 documentary on Netflix about Lemmy Kilmister and Motrhead and want to ask any Motrhead fans a question.If you could have one album of theirs, which would you buy.

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We are looking for recommendations for the first day a really busy sauna where the locals go and on the second somewhere with a younger crowd, any suggestion would be great Sorry meant to say pool/bath would be nice be the sauna experience is what we really want its not something we do in our culture, forget it anyway we can work out ourselves, as far as everyone on here is concerned we are looking to have an orgy. I watched three episodes and I'd rate them: Power Outage 7.5/10 Follow That Space Cab 8/10 Nuclear Family Values 6/10 As a Superman first and foremost I was thrilled at how prominent he was in the first two episodes.It's funny cause Batman is front and centre on the promotional stuff I've seen yet he's barely appeared so far.anyone know why, or if they're going to bring it back?edit: p.s., sorry if this has already been discussed elsewhere.