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26 Apr

Besides the simple fact that parents should not have to get permission from the state to make informed consent medical decisions for their own children, here are four reasons why opting-out of sate mandated vaccines doesnt work for many families in Texas: Opt-out or Conscientious Exemption to Vaccination Process is a Bureaucratic Nightmare To get the exemption form, parents must first submit a written form to State Health Department in Austin which forces the disclosure of the childs full name, birthdate, and mailing address. mail, and once the parent receives the forms, they must be notarized within 90 days of submitting them and then repeatedly resubmitted every 2 years even though there is no expiration set in statute.

The Health Department takes those written requests and creates yet another form on which they print the childs same personal information that the parent had to send to health department, and the Health Department sometimes takes weeks to mail out these forms inevitably disrupting the childs school attendance. [1] Because the Health Department further eroded parental rights by publishing more rules getting rid of provisional enrolment for exemptions, (families used to have 30 days at the beginning of school to get their paperwork in), now schools participate in aggressive misleading education campaigns touting no shots no school while not informing families of the exemption or the instructions how to obtain it.

In a statement announcing his decree, he explained: "Requiring young girls to get vaccinated before they come into contact with HPV is responsible health and fiscal policy that has the potential to significantly reduce cases of cervical cancer and mitigate future medical costs." When conservatives accused Perry of usurping parental authority, he replied, "While I understand the concerns expressed by some, I stand firmly on the side of protecting life." Texas legislators answered Perry's fiat by overturning his order.

Lacking the votes to stop them, he didn't veto their repeal bill, but he didn't sign it, and he defended the order.

"The HPV vaccine has been shown to be safe and well-tolerated based on multiple medical reports that have been submitted through government databases," Dr.

Renata Arrington-Sanders, a professor at Johns Hopkins University medical school, told Huff Post.

In September 2009, a panel of health advisers recommended that the FDA do just that: approve the vaccine in males aged nine to 26.

The panel ruled that Gardasil would safely protect males from HPV, which causes genital warts and certain rare cancers in men.

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Rick Perry's executive order mandating the HPV vaccine for young girls, health advocates are growing worried that the vaccine itself is being stigmatized.

Governor Perry is misleading legislators and families in Texas by claiming that they will be able to opt-out of having their 6th grade daughter vaccinated with the vaccine for the sexually transmitted virus HPV.

For many families currently, the exemption isnt worth the piece of paper it is printed on.

Twenty minutes into last night's Republican presidential debate, Texas Gov. There's a long list of diseases that cost our state and cost our country. Perry can't continue to denounce mandatory health insurance while defending mandatory vaccinations for a sexually transmitted virus, particularly when his rationale for the vaccine mandate—saving lives and money—mirrors the arguments for the insurance mandate.

Rick Perry attacked the Massachusetts health care law signed by then-Gov. Perry said the program showed "what will not work, and that is an individual mandate in this country." People "don't want a health care plan like what Governor Romney put in place in Massachusetts," Perry concluded. Perry has been bashing compulsory health insurance for a long time.