The infrared wireless port when updating a pda from Adult chat no pics

08 May

For most Pocket PCs running Pocket PC 2002 or 2003 OS and Palm brand PDAs with a universal connector: Palm m125/m130, m500/m505/m515, Tungsten E/C/T and Zire 71.

Also works with the Toshiba e805 and Sony Clié UX series though these aren't listed on Think Outside's web site yet.

Note, on the PC one has to disable the “Image Transfer” functionality of “Wireless Link” and stop any other programs that operate in the same way e.g. The option in the Wireless Link Control Panel applet is shown in Figure 3; disabled is the default in Windows XP.

See Question 26 for more information on this and how to do it programmatically.

Palm have added Ir DA (over Ir COMM) support to Hot Sync Manager, this adds a “Infrared” item to the menu alongside “Local”, “Modem” etc for Windows 2000 and XP.

It can be downloaded from the Palm support site at .

Double check all connected power and HDMI cables for a secure connection.

This message can also be seen however, when there is no problem with the infrared usage, this case occurs when Hot Sync infrared is enabled and one of the other types is toggled.Refer to your devices' user manual and locate the IR sensor.Manually move the IR blaster to identify a good IR response position.This is due to HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), a feature enabled on your TV and source device (blu-ray player).To disable the CEC feature from your source device settings, please see your source device user manual for directions.2.