Trend micro exchange server not updating

06 Feb

So what options do we have for AV then in Exchange 2013?

There are two options The first one might be an option for organizations who can live with the limited functionality.

Key feature improvements are Note that WFBS does NOT support Exchange 2016 at all and from what I understand there are no plans for such support.

If you have an SMB customer running Exchange 2016, you will need to upgrade and use the full Scan Mail for Exchange product.

Trend micro setup will check if there's any previous instance on the target Mailbox server in order to check if it's an upgrade or a fresh install. I'm planning to ignore this now and register later, so you can provide the key if you already have it and want to register.

However I think most organizations will start to use 3rd party solutions.

Starting from Exchange 2013 can’t hook in on the VSAPI which was available in previous releases and was used to perform scanning.

The port that it was running on did not match the firewall rule. You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2.0.

This means the smex service could not bind to a port when the service starts and as this port did not match the console, I had no hopes of connecting to it.