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27 Feb

Note: This article was written at the request of Carla Schroder, and portions of it appear by permission in edited form in her very fine volume, The Linux Cookbook (O’Reilly, 2004). There are two good reasons for putting a DNS server on your local network, even if your local server isn’t answering queries about your network coming from other hosts on the Internet: There’s a third reason: it can be educational and fun.

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A zone file may be either a DNS master file, authoritatively describing a zone, or it may be used to list the contents of a DNS cache.For example, the domain has a number of children, such as mail.for the Web and mail servers, respectively.BIND is an acronym for the Berkeley Internet Name Domain project, which is a group that maintains the DNS-related software suite that runs under Linux.Please see Ajcody-Hostname-DNS Allot of failed installs are because administrators are skipping the steps to make sure resolution is working. You should have the localhost similar to the one below.Your ZCS server name should be replaced with the com and zimbra fields.